Friday, September 4, 2015

Just Stamping around.

Hi ya all.
Just going to shoot a few new photos of the tags and things I have been playing around with ( in my new craft room- photos to come )

 Ok and one peek of the new BIGGER craft room.
Thanks for taking a peek.. I will work on getting some better photos.
Have a great one everyone  :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Challenge for Lost Coast Designs

Hello everyone.. I'm going to make this supper short today.  I'm posting a few photos of my new stamp challenge for Lost Coat Designs.. They have 2 going on right now, the numbers challenge and the new tamp release event.( link on my page if you want to check it out) btw they have some super cool new stamps coming right now.. yea :-)   any way this is just an index card. I use a stencil for the background on it in the green and the rest I stamped on paper that I had prepainted and just cut them out and put everything together till I got what I liked.  Easy. I just played pretty much.   Well enough.. here you go.

Thanks for looking and have a awesome day.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Stamp Challenge from Lost Coast Designs

Hello everyone.  It has been a wee bit crazy around my house to say the  But I will not get into that.  I'm getting straight to the point. I have made a tag for the New Stamp Release Challenge for Lost Coast Designs.
I have to say this was a fun tag to make.  With this stamp you have so many options .... I stamped this 2 times..   colored the pieces and cut out just the parts I wanted and just glued them on to the plain one on card stock.  Gel penned the the dots then glued her on to my tag and cut the extra off when I got her where I wanted her. Then I used the phases from Lost Cost also and cut them out of card stock and glued them on also.   Wa La.  
Just added the green fluff at the top and all done. 
If you want to find this  challenge ... I found it on Facebook..  its a little ways down.   I'm going to try to put the link here if I can. 

Thanks for looking and have a awesome day.

Monday, May 25, 2015

New craft room goodies.

Hi ya  and hope everyone is off to a great day or end if that is what your doing.   Here is my new goodie that my Daughter Tera made for me..  A cool crow and awesome looking witch stencil.  I love them.  And so Dose Same I guess. 
 He dose enjoy being in my way.. unlike the others... well not true We have a foster cat that is always in my face.. lol    She is so funny.   And a wee bit cross eyed.  lets see if I can get her face on here.
 Oh here let me just take one right now..
hold on.. 
The S&S team
Sam and Samantha. Ok  where was I now..  oh trying to show you what my girl made.
I will post some things that I make with them on this blog or my other one... so check in on both.
You all have a great tomorrow.  Tee Hee
Trying to be funny...  not very good at it.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

What was going on today.. roof

Hello everyone..  Still working on the roof here today.. but I am glad to say ..  I think it is all done !!  no more leaking into my craft room.   Now let me explain..  this is a NEW  roof just a few years ago.  And I guess this side they didn't fix or cover.. or pull up any thing.. so this is what it looked like under the shingles.   grrr...  and OMG !!!
Think that may explain a little bit of what was going on.  Still in shock a little too.
 This is what we can see .. normally.  This is also the size of my cozy craft room.   yep its small.
But I also feel blessed to just have one.  I could take over the bigger side now that all the kids are gone.. but not sure if I want to do all that.  lol  
And this.. this is my hubby who is NOT to be on the roof, lol
 and last one... the fur kids enjoying the out side today,
Thanks for stopping in and hope you have a fabulous day. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

ATC Challenge for May at Lost Coast Designs

Good day my friendly peeps.
This ATC is for the May Challenge at Lost Coast Designs.
  Well what I have here is my new stamps that I just got from lost Coast Designs,  and I love them.
There are 3 of them on this ATC.  The word stamps that say Dream with the definition that follows.  The spider web stamp that I stamped over the words.  Then the totally cute cat that I stamped on card stock and cut out.  Colored it to my liking and then glued to the ATC card.  Easy as that.

This is the other adorable cat stamp that I got from them too.  It is also on an ATC.

Hope you enjoyed the peek.  Have a great day. 
 Sleep tight as dose Mr. Mouse.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Play time

Today was just a simple play day. 
Nothing has to be perfect. That is a hard thing to do.. not to make the face perfect or the arms.  Just play with it.. and have fun ... and enjoy what your doing. 
In this one I had and idea of what I wanted, and it was killing me not to make her face perfect. 
Long story short.. when I was done .. I like it.  And this one I had lots of hits and comments on it on my instagram.  I was shocked.
what we see is not always what other people see.
I used bits for the trim, watered down paint on background and some regular cheep paint on the rest.
Enjoy your day and make something fun for your self.
Bright Blessings to you and yours.