Sunday, May 24, 2015

What was going on today.. roof

Hello everyone..  Still working on the roof here today.. but I am glad to say ..  I think it is all done !!  no more leaking into my craft room.   Now let me explain..  this is a NEW  roof just a few years ago.  And I guess this side they didn't fix or cover.. or pull up any thing.. so this is what it looked like under the shingles.   grrr...  and OMG !!!
Think that may explain a little bit of what was going on.  Still in shock a little too.
 This is what we can see .. normally.  This is also the size of my cozy craft room.   yep its small.
But I also feel blessed to just have one.  I could take over the bigger side now that all the kids are gone.. but not sure if I want to do all that.  lol  
And this.. this is my hubby who is NOT to be on the roof, lol
 and last one... the fur kids enjoying the out side today,
Thanks for stopping in and hope you have a fabulous day. 


  1. Glad you'l got your roof done! Kittys look happy! :)

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  3. That roof damage looks terrible, Roberta. It's a good thing that you got it fixed right away, and I hope that it didn't damage anything in your craftroom. I think your husband wanted to help in repairing it too, like other men who are really into those things. Haha! I hope that there will be no more problems about your roof after that. :-)

    Greg @ Chavez Roofing