Monday, May 25, 2015

New craft room goodies.

Hi ya  and hope everyone is off to a great day or end if that is what your doing.   Here is my new goodie that my Daughter Tera made for me..  A cool crow and awesome looking witch stencil.  I love them.  And so Dose Same I guess. 
 He dose enjoy being in my way.. unlike the others... well not true We have a foster cat that is always in my face.. lol    She is so funny.   And a wee bit cross eyed.  lets see if I can get her face on here.
 Oh here let me just take one right now..
hold on.. 
The S&S team
Sam and Samantha. Ok  where was I now..  oh trying to show you what my girl made.
I will post some things that I make with them on this blog or my other one... so check in on both.
You all have a great tomorrow.  Tee Hee
Trying to be funny...  not very good at it.

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