Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WOYWW (what's on your Work desk Wednesday), Scrapbooking, Mixed media, journaling, art journal, crafting,

I am on the road again with my hubby at work. Hotel life I think is catching up with me. I didn't bring a lot to work with this time in hopes that I would come up with something different. Here is a peek at what I have so far.
                                                                                                             I cant wait to get home and use some stamps or something to paly with the back.. Its doing it back wards, but its the only way I can do it at the movement.

 Please stop in at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/2014/07/whats-on-your-workdesk-wednesday-265.htmlcom/  so you can hop around and see what everyone has been working on.  
last photo my 13 year old girl came with us this time.. long trip ...over 650 miles for this old lady.
Thanks for looking and bright blessing your way  :-)


  1. Love it! And look at how cute squirt is! Also i bought masking fluid do you can borrow it when you get home :) love you

    1. cool... I cant wait to play with a lot of the new goodies.

  2. Art on the go! love it!
    Robyn 25

  3. Looks like you're doing a great job on the road. I think it's good sometimes to limit what we work with. Forces us to be a bit more creative. Hang on in there you'll soon be back to your supplies.
    Have a great week
    Gillian #28

  4. What a beautiful painting/drawing! And a very cute "old lady" :) Happy WOYWW, Evelyn # 58

  5. Your painting turned out wonderful love all the blues you've used in her hair hugs Nikki 6 happy late woyww

  6. Love the portrait.
    I enjoy working on my art work when I am away, I am usually restricted by what I can mange to take so tend to do things that I often don't do at home.
    Hope you enjoy the trip and happy crafting, Angela x #48

  7. Oh, I love your painting, especially the blue hair. I have the same complexion so maybe I should give it a go! Oh, but I'm too timid.......

    Hopefully you'll be back in your own bed soon.

    Glad the "old lady" went along on the ride. What a little trooper.
    Happy belated WOYWW
    peace, Kay (60)